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Single Cell Sequencing for Every Lab
Time:2022-03-23 22:12:20  
Part 1: Current Single Cell Sequencing Technologies

Monday, 09.05.2022 2 pm (CET)

Speaker: Dr. Murat Seker


High throughput single cell sequencing offers essential insights into the samples with high level of heterogeneity and provide you with crucial information on gene expression and function across tens of thousands of cells present in your sample.


In this webinar, our expert will help you understand:

     - Single cell sequencing workflow

     - Comparison of current technologies for single cell sequencing

     - Advantages of portable devices for single cell sequencing





Part 2: Applications of Single Cell Sequencing Beyond RNA Profiling

Monday, 16.05.2022 2 pm (CET)

Speaker: Dr. Wei Long


High throughput single cell sequencing can be used to gain deeper insights on the function of specific genes by adding additional layers of information, such as for instance temporal resolution, to your data.


In this webinar, you will learn about:

     - Targeted single cell sequencing techniques

     - Adding a time dimension to your single cell sequencing research

     - Importance of single cell sequencing in yeast research





Part 3: SynEcoSys – Mining Single Cell Data for Clinical Translation

Monday, 23.05.2022 2 pm (CET)

Speaker: Dr. Tristan Winters


SynEcoSys database integrates standardized, manually curated, high impact, publicly available single cell sequencing data with automated data analysis and visualization, which allows for deep mining of clinically relevant data to generate potential biomarkers and novel drug targets with high consistency.


In this webinar, a short demo on the available features will be provided and you will learn about:

     - Main features and how to navigate the database

     - Type of data you can obtain from the database

     - Applications of single cell data mining



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