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Klaus Betke Symposium 2023
Time:2023-02-16 20:53:15  

Klaus Betke Symposium 2023

Meet us at the 4th International Klaus Betke Symposium – “Inborn Errors of Bone Marrow Function – defining new frontiers by single cell analytics” (Mar. 10-11, 2023) at the Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital, LMU Munich, Munich, Germany.

Singleron’s unique single cell multi-omics solutions can advance translational research to deepen the understanding of heterogenous cell populations in healthy and diseased tissues, promoting the development of future treatment strategies to target hematological disorders. Do you want to learn more about Singleron’s kits, instruments and advanced bioinformatic pipeline? Connect with our colleagues, Dr. Nan Fang (CEO and Co-Founder), Dr. Andreas Schmidt (SVP of Global Business Development) and Till Olfers (Sales Manager - Instruments).

We look forward to meeting you in Munich!

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