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Identifying drug target genes with genomics and data science
Time:2023-02-20 20:39:23  


Identifying drug target genes with genomics and data science

Join our webinar on Tuesday 28th February at 10am (CET) / 5pm (SGT) from Boxiang Liu, PhD, assistant professor at the National University of Singapore and learn about the power of functional genomics to identify novel therapeutic targets for drug development.

High-throughput genotyping and sequencing have led to the discovery of thousands of disease-associated variants. A majority of these variants lie in non-coding regions; therefore, their functional mechanisms remain unclear. To uncover target genes and pathways regulated by disease-associated variants, it is critical to perform functional genomic assays and develop novel computational approaches to analyze assayed information.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • How transcriptomic and whole genome sequencing datasets can be combined with ATAC-seq data to discover genetic regulatory mechanisms.
  • Joint analysis of eQTL and WGS datasets to identify risk genes as potential therapeutic targets for drug development.
  • Validation of risk genes by single cell sequencing.
  • Analyzing RNA-seq data to discover disease specific eQTLs

Don’t miss out and register for your place here: Registration link

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