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Bonn Conference on Mathematical Life Sciences
Time:2023-04-06 17:57:00  


Bonn Conference on Mathematical Life Sciences

Our colleagues Petro Leka (Sales Manager) and Dr. Fabian Schorn (Senior Marketing Manager) are attending the upcoming Bonn Conference on Mathematical Life Sciences (April 17-20, 2023) at the Wissenschaftszentrum Bonn in Bonn, Germany.

Single cell sequencing enables you to analyze the transcriptome of tens of thousands of cells in one single experiment and can be applied across multiple research disciplines. At the conference, we will be showcasing our latest multi-omics single cell sequencing solutions, from kits and instruments to our advanced bioinformatic database pipeline.

Visit our company booth and join our lunch talk “Novel Single Cell Multi-Omics: Research Beyond mRNA Profiling” on Wednesday, April 19th to learn more about Singleron’s unique multi-omics single cell sequencing capabilities and how single cell sequencing can accelerate your research.

We look forward to meeting you in Bonn!

For more information, visit the conference website:


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