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Early Cancer Forum in Berlin
Time:2023-11-14 19:30:33  


Our experts, Aparna Sekar,  Dr. Miguel Miñambres and Mahdi Rivandi are attending the upcoming Early Cancer Forum in Berlin and will be at the booth #1920.


The Berlin Early Cancer Forum (E-C-Forum) will bring together leading experts in cancer risk, early detection, prevention, molecular diagnostics, and data science to share groundbreaking research and progress in the field, explore the challenges and opportunities of emerging technologies for early cancer detection, screening, and precision diagnosis.


Join our experts, Aparna Sekar, Miguel Miñambres Martín, PhD. and Mahdi Rivandi at our booth #1920 and during our workshop and discover the full potential of single cell multi-omics.

During our workshop on Wednesday from 13:00 – 13:30pm, we will “Explore tumor heterogeneity and biomarkers with single-cell multi-omics”:

- From a sample to publication-ready data: an easy and fast workflow

- Advantages and applications of Singleron’s SCOPE-chip technology

- Hands-on demonstration of microfluidic chip loading with live imaging


Single cell sequencing enables you to analyze the transcriptome of tens of thousands of cells in one single experiment. It can be applied across multiple research disciplines, from oncology and immunology to accelerating cell and gene therapies. Thus, approaches that go beyond transcriptomics are gaining in popularity as they can provide additional layers of information to your single cell data.

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