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Singleron's Single Cell Analysis Boot Camp: Spring 2024
Time:2023-11-22 11:43:25  


Single Cell Analysis Boot Camp

Over the past decade, there has been significant advancement in single cell technologies that have improved our understanding of tissue heterogeneity in fields like oncology and developmental biology. The large amount of data generated requires deep dives to uncover biological insights, making bioinformatics essential skills in single cell analysis. However, single cell data analysis can be intimidating due to the high computing power and complex data structures involved, especially for those new to the field.


Impression from our previous courses in Cologne, Germany, and Singapore.

To help single cell sequencing users without a bioinformatics background build their own data analysis capability, Singleron Biotechnologies is offering a part-time bioinformatics beginner course for single cell data analysis. No bioinformatics background required. Limited seats available.

The following topics will be covered:

- Linux basics and CeleScope 
- R basics and single cell data exploration 
- Cell type annotation 
- Cell trajectory 
- Cell-cell communication
- Gene enrichment analysis 

The course combines in-person lectures and tutorials supported by Singleron’s bioinformatics team. The lectures give an overview of the latest single cell technologies and analysis methods, while the tutorials offer hands-on sessions that will enable researchers to set up their own single cell analysis workflow with publicly available tools. A certificate of participation is awarded upon successful completion. The computing will be done on our AWS cloud server and your own computer. To ensure smooth data exploration, we recommend your computer has ≥ 16 GB RAM.

The 8-week course will run with in-person and online sessions from March 2024.


Your benefits:
- Learn about the latest single cell analysis technologies
- Perform hands-on analysis of single cell multi-omic data
- Get started by setting up your first single cell pipeline
- Access multifunctional and highly customizable single cell data analysis platform and database
- Benefit from individualized support by multi-disciplinary experts in a small class size
- Earn a certificate upon successful completion

Register now or contact us at for additional information (pricing information available upon request).

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