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FocuSCOPE® Single Cell Targeted Capture Kit

FocuSCOPE® is a high-throughput single cell multi-omics sequencing solution that can detect both genetic variants and transcriptome from the same single cells. Thus, FocuSCOPE® provided a tool to decipher the connection between genotype and phenotype at single cell level.

The FocuSCOPE® technology has two key elements: cell-barcoding microparticles conjugated with oligos that can efficiently capture both mRNA and your sequences of interest; and reaction chemistry optimized for amplification and library construction of both mRNA sequences and sequences from target regions.  FocuSCOPE® has been used to successfully perform single cell analysis of both gene expression profiles and point mutations, fusion genes, or intracellular viral sequences simultaneously, from thousands of cells at a time. The acquired multi-omics data provided more comprehensive insights into each individual cell.  

Unique Custom Designed Beads

With Singleron's uniquely designed AccuraCell beads, up to 5 targeted areas, each less than 200bp, can be captured simultaneously. Two libraries will be constructed from the same sample, one library for whole transcriptomics with the poly (dT) probes, one library for the targeted sequences with custom probes. Therefore, cell type information as well as targeted sequences (mutation, fusion gene, or viral sequence), can be detected in the same cell. 

Specific detection of driver mutations

FocuSCOPE® kits detect driver mutations from heterogenous tissues with high specificity. In a demo dataset below from a mixture of three cell lines, H1975 cell line carries the EGFR T790M point mutation, and A549 cell line carries the KRAS G12S mutation. Three cell lines were uniquely clustered with UMAP, and according mutations were accurately and specifically identified.

FocuSCOPE® Lung Cancer Druggable Mutation Panel has been tested successfully in lung tumor tissues, targeting 6 mutation-carrier genes commonly seen in lung cancer. Other panels are also available as pre-designed panels, as well as custom designed panels.  





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