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Singleron PythoN® Tissue Dissociation System

The Singleron PythoN® Automated Tissue Dissociation System integrates four dissociation steps: mechanical cutting, grinding, heating, and enzymatic dissociation. The streamlined workflow quickly dissociates the tissue into high-quality single-cells suspension. Equipped with broad-spectrum sCelLiVE® Tissue Dissociation Solution and disposable PythoN Dissociation Tubes, the system can automatically process tissues to obtain highly viable and high-quality single-cell suspensions. The precise digital controling module enables a quick exploration of the best dissociation conditions for a specific tissue type. 


Demo Data

Singleron PythoN® produces highly viable, high-quality single-cell suspension with high yield.

Using the Singleron PythoN® Tissue Dissociator and the same type of instrument from Supplier M to test the dissociation effect of mouse heart, testis and kidney tissues at the same time, the data results show that the single-cell suspension obtained by the Singleron PythoN® Tissue Dissociator has better cell viability and higher cell yield.

Singleron PythoN® is also suitable for low-input samples, even for tissue samples as low as 10mg. 

In clinical settings, in order to detect the pathological characteristics of specific tissues, needle biopsy is often required. The low weight of the obtained needle biopsies is often a challenge for single-cell sequencing workflow (the weight of a single sample is about 20-40 mg). Here, we used Singleron PythoN® to process 14 mg and 33 mg mouse liver tissues, and achieved high cell viability and yield accordingly. This enabled applying clinical needle biopsies to single cell sequencing workflows. 


Downstream applications

The high-quality, highly viable single-cell suspensions obtained by Singleron PythoN® can be applied to the following applications.

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