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A Beginner’s Guide to Single Cell Sequencing – Part 1
Time:2022-03-14 22:22:40  

Part 1: Introduction to Advanced Single Cell Sequencing Technologies


High throughput single cell sequencing is enabled by cutting-edge technologies which allow you to study genes and their functions across tens of thousands of cells simultaneously in a single experiment. It offers you essential insights into the samples with high level of heterogeneity and provide you with crucial information on gene expression across a multitude of cell subtypes present in your sample.



In this webinar, our expert will help you understand recent advances in the field of single cell sequencing, and you will learn about:

     - Current technologies for high throughput single cell sequencing

     - Applications of single cell sequencing

     - Examples of single cell sequencing studies


Our speaker: Dr. Katarina Pankova


Katarina Pankova has received her PhD in Neuroscience from LMU Munich, Germany in 2017 for her work on the neural circuits underlying visual system. In 2018, she joined a life sciences and healthcare consulting company where she worked as a consultant. In 2021, Katarina joined Singleron Biotechnologies, where she oversees a single cell RNA-seq products portfolio as a Product Manager.

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