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A Beginner’s Guide to Single Cell Sequencing – Part 2
Time:2022-03-14 22:23:45  

Part 2: Overcoming Challenges of Sample Preparation


Collecting and processing tissue samples could be one of the first major bottlenecks for many single cell sequencing studies. Understanding the limitations, good practices for sample collection, storage and shipment, as well as tissue dissociation is of pivotal significance for any researcher wishing to utilize single cell sequencing. The quality control steps and their importance throughout the whole single cell sequencing workflow will be discussed in detail.



In this webinar, our technical expert will guide you through the details of sample processing for single cell RNA-seq and you will learn about:

     - Sample types suitable for single cell sequencing

     - Sample requirements for single cell sequencing

     - Good practice in tissue sample processing



Our speaker: Dr. Sean Xiang Lu


Sean Xiang Lu has earned his MSc in Molecular Genetics from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, in 2013 and his PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Technical University of Munich, Germany, in 2017. Sean has been previously working as a Scientist in the field of molecular diagnostics. In 2021, he joined Singleron Biotechnologies as an Application Scientist where he supports Singleron’s customers and consults their research projects.

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