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A Beginner’s Guide to Single Cell Sequencing – Part 3
Time:2022-03-14 22:24:36  
Part 3: Single Cell Sequencing Data Analysis

Monday, 28.03.2022 2 pm (CET)


The proper collection of samples and their preparation in the lab is the first – albeit vital – step of single cell sequencing. Equally important is gaining insights into the cellular and molecular biology of the samples and sifting through the morass of complex NGS data. The high data volume, complexity, and dimensionality of single cell sequencing data require a thorough understanding of data analysis principles, as well as various metrics and QC criteria.


In this webinar, our expert will explain some basic concepts pertaining to next generation sequencing and single-cell sequencing analysis:

     - Fastq file basics and their QC

     - Distinguishing transcripts and cells with UMIs and barcodes

     - Obtaining count matrices and what to do with them


Free Webinar: Monday 2:00 PM CET 28th March 2022


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Our speaker: Dr. Khalil Abou Elardat


Khalil Abou Elardat has been working in the field of biology for 17 years and analyzing next generation data for 9 years. He earned his MSc in biology from the American University of Beirut in 2006 and a PhD in applied biological sciences from Ghent University in 2011, and currently heads the Tech Support Department at Singleron Biotechnologies, GmbH. Additionally, Khalil works as a bioinformatician analyzing single-cell RNA sequencing data from various organs and species.

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