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Singapore Special Offer
Time:2022-10-07 16:57:28  


Singapore Special Offer

Get 50% off as part of this special offer!

We are offering an exciting discount for first time buyers at Singleron! This special offer includes giving new customers 50% off their first 2 samples for our single cell sequencing service. We are also offering 50% off the first 2 Singleron kits that you purchase.

But that’s not all! You also receive a further 30% discount off everything (kits and service) until the end of 2022!

Singleron Biotechnologies one-stop-shop sequencing service covers all steps from tissue to bioinformatic analysis. After the free consultation, all you need to do is send us your tissue or cell suspension and the rest is handles by Singleron’s all-in-one service.

Our kits offer solutions ranging from single cell expression profiling to immune receptor profiling, to detecting genetic variants, making it easy to address complex research and clinical questions.

Don’t miss out and take advantage of this special offer now!

This offer is limited to Singapore customers only.

Promotion details 

  • Any purchase of first two Singleron Kits - 50% off list price
  • Any purchase of first two Singleron Service samples - 50% off list price
  • Subsequent kits and services at 30% discount from list price

Promotion T&C 

  • 50% discount available to first-time customers only.
  • 30% discount available to all customers.
  • Discount for services applies only to currently offered wet-lab services and reagents (including tissue dissociation, antibody staining and library preparation solutions).
    The discount does not apply to any sequencing and sequencing related fees such as data transfer nor does it apply to data analysis purchases.   
  • PO must be received by Dec 31, 2022.
  • This promotion cannot be used in combination with any other promotional offers.
  • Singleron Biotechnologies reserves the right to amend the promotion without prior notice.
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