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ProMoSCOPE Special Offer: Get 50% off!
Time:2022-11-18 18:28:43  

We are offering an exciting 50% discount on our ProMoSCOPE™ kit as a part of the new product launch!


ProMoSCOPE™ is the first commercially available technology that can detect glycosylation together with the whole transcriptome at a single cell level. 

Glycosylation directly regulates cellular functions and plays a important role in diseases and immunity:  

    • altered glycosylation levels are considered to be the hallmark of cancer
    • glycan structures strongly influence the initial interaction between viruses and hosts
    • cell surface-associated glycoproteins on immune cells help sensing environmental signals and are involved in cell differentiation and trafficking.

Get unprecedented insights into cellular functions and reveal the hidden diversity of cell populations with ProMoSCOPE™.

Don’t miss out and take advantage of this time-limited special offer now! Contact us at

To learn more about the importance of glycosylation watch our webinar:

*Terms and conditions of the offer:

  • 50% off ProMoSCOPE™ kit list price
  • Valid only for 1 kit purchase per customer
  • Purchase order must be received by December 15, 2022.
  • The offer cannot be combined with other discounts, special offers or promotions.
  • Singleron Biotechnologies reserves the right to amend the promotion without prior notice.
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