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Comprehensive single cell multi-omics analysis services

Our Singapore laboratory provides end-to-end single cell analysis services. From tissue dissociation, to single cell data collection, to advanced machine learning models, we have a solution that will meet your needs.
Our single cell analysis services include

Tissue dissociation with protocol optimization services

Single cell RNA-seq

Single nuclei RNA-seq

Single cell RNA-seq combined with:

Single cell TCR and BCR V(D)J sequencing

Surface protein expression analysis for immune profiling

Cancer mutations and gene fusion hotspot panels (Pre-designed Blood and Lung cancer)

Viral genome sequencing panels (EBV)

Custom transcript targeting panels (mutations, fusions, viral sequences)

Transcription dynamics analysis

Data analysis using standard pipelines

Additional bioinformatics services available

Project planning and consultation

Automated cell annotation

Batch correction

Differential gene expression analysis

Pathway analysis

Cell-cell communication

Copy number variation (CNV) analysis

Biomarker discovery

Survival analysis with Kaplan-Meier (K-M) plot

Interpretable machine learning to predict treatment response and identify new biomarkers

Applications of single cell analysis
  • Oncology

    Identify tumor molecular subtypes and to better understand progression, resistance, and relapse

  • Immunology

    Uncover diversity in immune responses and functions

  • Cell therapy

    Characterize cell activity, batch variation, and treatment response

  • Disease models

    Identify rare cell population and reveal mechanism of disease

  • Organoids

    Identify the different cell types and measure how each responds to a stimulus

  • Precision medicine

    Combine single cell analysis and machine learning to build models that predict patient response

Advantages of working with Singleron
  • Simplicity
    Send us your tissues and receive publication-quality data
  • Reliability
    Let our experienced team be your on-demand single cell experts
  • Efficiency
    Save cost and time needed for setting up and optimizing experiments
Data you can trust

Previously known as Proteona, we are the first commercial single cell analysis service provider in Singapore, serving the research community since 2019.

Our wetlab analysis and bioinformatics capabilities are trusted by top 10 global pharma companies. You can now gain access to the same team as your own on-demand single cell experts.

We have published with our partners in top peer-reviewed journals and conferences such as Science Advances and Blood.

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Featured customer publications
A nonviral, nonintegrating DNA nanovector platform for the safe, rapid, and persistent manufacture of recombinant T cells

Bozza, De Roia, Correia, Berger, Touch, Schmidt,…, Harbottle. (2021)

Science Advances
Single-Cell Multi-Omics of Peripheral Blood Reveals Tiding and Evolution of Responsive and Resistant Clones upon Daratumumab-Based Treatments in Multiple Myeloma and Plasma Cell Leukemia

Grieb, Scolnick, Cordes, Kloetzer, Geyn, Strenge, …, Merz, (2022)

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