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You care for science, we care for your samples!

Singleron Biotechnologies has developed the SCOPE-chip® technology that opens new possibilities for clinical sample processing and single-cell analysis.
It has been adopted rapidly by over 600 customer organizations across the world, with 80% of those being hospitals and clinical research institutions.
With our single cell sequencing service, we accompany you through every single step: from project design to sample processing and interpretation of results for publication-ready data.
Our unique sample processing solutions ensure that your precious samples are kept alive for up to 72 hours, allowing us to serve customers within the EU or Asia-Pacific regions through our labs in Germany and Singapore.

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Singleron’s One-Stop-Shop Single Cell Sequencing Service

Singleron Biotechnologies is offering a one-stop-shop for single cell sequencing service covering all steps from tissue to bioinformatics analysis.
After the free initial consultation, all you need to do is to send us the tissue or cell suspension and the rest is handled by Singleron’s all-in-one single cell sequencing service that covers different sample types including challenging samples such as needle biopsies. Finally, the bioinformatics reports and publication-ready data are delivered.

Features of Singleron‘s all-in-one service:

- The proprietary sCelLive® Tissue Preservation Solution that can keep cells viable for 72hrs.
- An effective sCelLive® Tissue Dissociation Master Mix, suitable for a large variety of tissue types, even those that are traditionally difficult to dissociate such as skin, fat, or bone.
- Diverse multi-omics single cell library kits powered by Singleron SCOPE technology.
- A comprehensive bioinformatics service for single-cell data analysis powered by SynEcoSys®, a curated database, supporting and simplifying clinical interpretation.

Singleron focuses strongly on processing clinical sample types (biopsies, tumor resections, needle biopsies, etc.) for various single cell sequencing applications, with an overall high success rate of 94% on over 8000 samples.

Singleron has been working with over 600 customer organizations on more than 2300 research projects. Singleron Service Lab has experience with more than 660 different tissue types including challenging tissues such as needle biopsies.

Europe and Asia are within reach!

We accept cryopreserved, flash-frozen, and fresh samples shipped in our unique sCelLive® Tissue Preservation Solution, which maintains sample viability for 3 days without a change in transcriptome. Samples are processed in our Service Laboratories in Cologne, Germany and Singapore.

In our Service Labs, we offer the following single cell sequencing services:

GEXSCOPE® Single Cell RNA Sequencing: Comprehensive RNA-seq analysis from different cell or tissue types.
GEXSCOPE® Single Nucleus RNA Sequencing: mRNA sequencing of thousands of nuclei.
GEXSCOPE® Single Cell Human V(D)J Sequencing: Simultaneous detection of T- and B-cell receptor variable region together with the whole transcriptome at single cell level.
sCircle® Single Cell Full Length Immunoreceptor Sequencing: Comprehensive and simultaneous full length TCR or BCR sequencing in tens of thousands of cells.
FocuSCOPE® Single Cell Targeted Capture: A complete solution for simultaneous detection of SNVs, fusion genes and viral transcripts together with the whole transcriptome.
ProMoSCOPE Single Cell Glycosylation Detection: Simultaneous detection of cell surface glycosylation together with the whole transcriptome.

What our customers say about Singleron’s single cell sequencing service!

"RNA is very sensitive to degradation, and cells can go into apoptosis during processing, making them no longer representative. The ability to preserve cells for up to three days addresses these quality issues and allows sample collection away from the processing laboratory. It also provides a chance to justify using single-cell analysis for diagnosis. With these three extra days, we can at least do some histological analysis."

Prof. Dr. Margarete Odenthal
University Hospital Cologne

"We performed single cell RNAseq on brain organoid using Singleron’s service, and were able to discover the cell types of interests. I did not imagine that conducting single cell experiments could be made so easy, simply ship my fresh tissue in their buffer, then get fully analyzed results. Thanks to Singleron team for the continuous support."

Dr. Kristina Xiao Liang
Senior Researcher
Department of Clinical Medicine
University of Bergen, Norway

"We worked with Singleron on several scRNAseq projects and were pleasantly surprised to see how well the technology worked on clinical biopsy samples. This type of analysis on tiny biopsies had been very difficult if not impossible to do in the past, due to the loss of cells and cell viability during transport. Singleron was very helpful in discussing and optimizing all steps from sample preparation via extraction to analysis We highly recommend Singleron as a versatile and also cost-effective solution for your scRNAseq projects."

Prof. Dr. Hauke Busch
Lübeck Institute of Experimental Dermatology
University of Lübeck

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+65 6990 5987 (APAC)