Ready for your all-in-one single cell sequencing solution?

We Provide End-to-End Single Cell Multi-Omics Solutions

We provide comprehensive single-cell multi-omics solutions for enhanced clinical and molecular research. Our user-friendly kits, both manual and automated, along with single-cell services and bioinformatics support, seamlessly integrate single-cell technology into your research workflow for deeper insights and breakthrough discoveries.

Experience Full Spectrum Single Cell Sequencing

Our proprietary technology covers the entire process from tissue preservation to single-cell partitioning, barcoding, library preparation, and bioinformatic analysis. Our innovative single-cell solutions empower clinical researchers to translate deep disease insights into actionable medical guidance.

One-stop-shop solution with our all-in-one multi-omics kits
Service available – we process your samples and deliver publication-ready data
Instrument-independent or automated solutions
Efficient and Accurate: From samples to publication-ready data

We Support Researchers And Clinicians Worldwide

Proudly advancing research with innovative single-cell solutions, Singleron maximizes sample value through high-quality data generation and advanced bioinformatics interpretation. Trusted globally by research and pharma customers, our single-cell analysis service fuels high-impact publications and accelerates scientific discoveries.

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Sequenced single cells


Different sample types building our experience


entrusted projects by collaborative partners and laboratories


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Kits & Solutions

Including Single Cell Kits, Large-Scale Kits and Tissue Preservation and Dissociation Solutions.

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Instruments & Devices

Ranging from Tissue Dissociation, Single Cell Processing Systems to devices for daily lab work.

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Our experienced lab team processes your samples and delivers publication-ready data.

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Ready for Your All-In-One Single Cell Sequencing Solution?

Ready for Your All-In-One Single Cell Sequencing Solution?

Reach out to us, for a free consultation on your single cell sequencing project. Our team is happy to answer all of your questions and provide advice for optimal experimental design and successful outcome.