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accurascope kit

AccuraSCOPE® – Single Cell Genome and Transcriptome Analysis

AccuraSCOPE® Single Cell Transcriptome and Genome Library Kit is a versatile single cell whole genome sequencing method that amplifies both the DNA and RNA from 96 individual cells in parallel.

Kit Highlights

AccuraSCOPE features at a glance

Hundreds of single cell genome & transcriptome libraries constructed in one run
Convenient plate-format for manual or automated processing
High quality single cell DNAseq and RNAseq libraries at a fraction of normal cost
Bioinformatics analysis: Dedicated software for convenient data analysis

AccuraSCOPE Workflow

accurascope workflow

Applications Areas

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Technical Specifications

From its ease-of-use, to scalability and cost efficiency, AccuraSCOPE is your all-round high-throughput solution

96 wells

Plate-based workflow


Genome and transcriptome libraries in one run


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