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Bead configurations

Our technology uses barcoded paramagnetic beads in order to capture mRNA and tag it for downstream sorting of genes to their cells of origin.

The barcode structure differs depending on the kits/service of choice:


C = Barcode
L = Linker
U = Unique Molecular Identifier (UMI)

GEXSCOPE® General Structure

Kits: GEXSCOPE® Single Cell, GEXSCOPE® Single-Nucleus, ProMoSCOPE™, GEXSCOPE®V(D)J, DynaSCOPE®
Structure: C9L16C9L16C9L1U12

sCircle® Full-Length TCR/BCR

Kit: sCircle®
Structure: U9C8L16C8L16C8 (TCR/BCR library)
C8L16C8L16C8U9L6 (transcriptome)


Kit: AccuraCode®
Structure: C9U12

AccuraCode® TCR

Kit: AccuraCode® TCR
Structure: L18C6U16



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