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GEXSCOPE® Single Nucleus Seq – Reveal Transcriptomics at the Core

The GEXSCOPE® Single Nuclei RNA Library Kit uses our microwell-based SCOPE® technology for comprehensive single nuclei sequencing analysis of biological samples.

Kit Highlights

Profit from the complete solution with robust high throughput for single nuclei sequencing of frozen samples or large / complex tissue and cells types.

For frozen, large cells and complex tissues / cells types
Instrument-free or automated processing
Go from sample to library within 1 day

Single nuclei sequencing in particularly interesting for samples that are challenging to dissociate and for frozen tissues.

Improved Capturing of Complex Cell Types such as Neurons

Figure: Comparison between single cell sequencing and single nuclei sequencing of from mouse brain tissue with GEXSCOPE Single Cell RNA Library Kit and GEXSCOPE Single Nuclei RNA Library Kit. Population of neurons is significantly increased for the single nuclei data set.

Streamlined workflow: from sample to library within one workday


Single Nuclei Suspension

Nuclei Partitioning, Lysis & Barcoding

Library generation


Bioinformatics Analysis

Applications Areas

Technical Specifications

10 000 nuclei

with the SD-chip configuration


Full instruments-free workflow


PythoN: tissue dissociation
NEO: single nuclei processing

7-8h Workflow

The entire workflow from sample to library can be done in one workday



The kit is available with SD chips, for manual, Matrix or NEO operation and for 2, 4 or 16 RXNs (version dependent).

The product is suitable for fresh and frozen samples.

The kit covers Nuclei extraction solution, SCOPE-chips, barcoding beads and reagents necessary for chip loading, nuclei lysis, barcoding and library preparation.

The workflow takes  about 8 hours.

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