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From Single Cell Multi-Omics to Precision Medicine

Singleron Biotechnologies is an innovative and rapidly growing molecular diagnostic company dedicated to applying groundbreaking single cell analysis techniques in clinical diagnosis, drug development, and health management. We provide complete solutions for single-cell sequencing technologies to clinicians and researchers.

Our mission at Singleron is to make single cell multi-omics analysis accessible and understandable to all and to advance precision medicine.

Founded in January 2018, Singleron Biotechnologies rapidly expanded, establishing offices, labs, and manufacturing facilities in Cologne (Germany), Singapore, Nanjing and Suzhou (China), Ann Arbor (Michigan) and New Haven (Connecticut) in the USA. With its team of over 500 experts, Singleron’s leadership and key staff bring extensive experience from leading multinational corporations, including QIAGEN, Beckton Dickinson, Roche, Illumina, Siemens, TSMC, and Novogene.

Singleron’s technical team possesses a wealth of knowledge in single-cell analysis, genomics, microfluidics, bioinformatics, instrument design, and clinical product development. The company holds an exclusive worldwide IP license from Yale University for a unique microfluidic single-cell processing device, forming the basis of their GEXSCOPE® single cell system. This system, particularly suited for clinical applications, addresses common challenges in single-cell sequencing such as sample transport, procedural complexity, and high costs.

Since its inception, Singleron has rapidly developed breakthrough proprietary technologies in microfluidic system design, tissue processing, single-cell barcoding and amplification, data analysis algorithms, and database construction. The company has filed for over 100 patents, securing more than 50 patents and over 50 software copyrights. In addition to offering ready-to-use all-in-one solutions as well as customizable kits, Singleron has multiple Service laboratories across the globe to provide experimental expertise.

Singleron collaborates with over 1000 leading research institutes, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies globally, driving the adoption of innovative single-cell analysis technologies in clinical and drug discovery settings.

Company Culture

Singleron acknowledges talent, develops potential and provides opportunity to excellence to develop cutting-edge single-cell omics-solutions through rapid response to market and customer needs and rapid technological and product innovation. We enhance single-cell technologies in clinical research and drug development towards precision medicine.

Want to Become Part of Our Team?

Want to Become Part of Our Team?

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