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ProMoSCOPE™ – Where Glycosylation Meets Transcriptomics

Single cell analysis has never been sweeter. The ProMoSCOPE™ Single Cell Glycosylation Detection Kit utilizes specific tags for the simultaneous detection and quantification of cell surface glycosylation and the entire transcriptome at a single-cell resolution.

Kit Highlights

Glycosylation and whole transcriptomics from the same single cell
Overcome Limitations of low gene expression in glycosylation-related genes
Insights into cell function linked to glycosylation
Click-chemistry-based ensuring specific tagging

ProMoSCOPE Technology

The ProMoSCOPE-Tag technology is designed with chemical moieties for specific recognition and covalent binding to N-Acetyllactosamine (LacNAc) on cell surface proteins. This tag includes a cell barcode and poly A for seamless processing with the entire transcriptome. After labeling, partitioning, and cell lysis, mRNA and ProMoSCOPE Tags bind to barcoding beads, and reverse transcription prepares ProMoSCOPE and total transcriptome libraries.

Glycosylation Tag Has No Impact On Cell Population Landscape

Mouse bone marrow was analyzed with ProMoSCOPE and whole transcriptome single cell sequencing. Pearson correlation coefficient (r = 0.99) indicates a robust positive linear relationship between labeled and non-labeled groups in the context of whole RNA single-cell transcriptome and cell clustering, with no impact of labeling status on the overall transcriptomic landscape.

Gene Expression Heterogeneity in Single Cell Groups With Low And High Glycosylation Levels

Mouse bone marrow single cell whole transcriptome and glycosylation patterns were analyzed using the ProMoSCOPE Kit. (A) Cell types were annotated and subjected to (B) TAG UMI plotting to visualize glycosylation status. (C) Cell type dependent UMI counts.

Streamlined workflow: from sample to library within one workday


Single Cell Suspension

ProMoSCOPE Tagging

Cell Partitioning, Lysis & Barcoding

Library Generation


Bioinformatics Analysis

Applications Areas

Technical Specifications


Glycosylation and whole transcriptome from the same single cells


Full instruments-free workflow


PythoN: tissue dissociation
NEO: single nuclei processing

7-8h workflow

The entire workflow from sample to two libraries can be done in one workday

10 000 cells

capturing rate with SD chip configuration



ProMoSCOPE technology uses chemoenzymatic method where ProMoSCOPE Tag covalently binds to N-Acetyllactosamine (LacNAc) which is found in most glycan structures.

This product has been tested with a variety of human and mouse cells. Theoretically, the labeling reagent are also suitable for other species.

We recommend 3000 reads /cell for ProMoSCOPE library.

Yes, combination of PromoSCOPE and CLindex kits works well.

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