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Python Tissue Dissociation Unit by Singleron Biotechnologies
Python Tissue Dissociation Unit by Singleron Biotechnologies

PythoN®: Tissue Dissociation With Walk-Away Automation

Meet our powerhouse in automated tissue dissociation! This robust system effortlessly handles up to eight samples in the time it takes to clean your Dounce Homogenizer.

System Highlights

Gentle by design, specifically for single cell
Efficiently processes up to 8 samples in 15 min at high viability
Flexible sample sizes from needle biopsies to 2 g
Fully customizable plug-and-play suite of tested protocols

Seamlessly integrate automated tissue dissociation into your workflow

Efficient tissue dissociation of up to eight samples in 15 minutes. Complete your workflow from sample to library in one work day.


Automated Tissue Dissociation

Single Cell Suspension

Library Generation


Bioinformatics Analysis

Performance Data

Python Tissue Dissociation Unit Performance Data

PythoN® was used to dissociate murine heart, testicle, liver, lung, kidney, and spleen tissues, resulting in high-quality single cell suspensions with high cell viability and cell yield.

Python Tissue Dissociation cell viability and cell type representation

Singleron PythoN® was used to process murine liver tissues in triplicates obtaining single cell suspensions with >85% cell viability. Cell clustering and cell type ratios were consistent across the three replicates, showing high stability and reproducibility.

Singleron PythoN® is suitable for low-input samples, even needle biopsies.

Technical Specifications

A Strong Trio for Strong Performance

Enzymatic digestion

sCelLiVE® Tissue Dissociation Kit Preservation and dissociation of fresh, solid biological samples

Go to sCelLiVE


An 8-channel powerhouse in automated tissue dissociation

Mechanical Dissociation

Disposable dissociation units for PythoN®



The PythoN® comes preloaded with some recommended programs. Additionally, we tested several suggested programs for different tissue types.

Yes, we have experience and dedicated programs for some organoids. Depending on the nature of the sample optimization may be required.

The PythoN tissue dissociation tubes are designed to be single-use only. We cannot guarantee the integrity of the tubes if they are used more than once. Additionally, cross-contamination could occur if the tubes are reused.

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