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Immunovation: Our Immune Profiling Service

Investigate  T-cell or B-cell receptor gene expression, together with whole transcriptome expression at single-cell level.

Your Service Options

Standard Immune Profiling

Combined transcriptomics and TCR/BCR repertoire profiling. Start from fresh tissue or cryopreserved cells. Barcoding beads capture both poly-adenylated mRNA alongside the CDR3 regions of TCRs and BCRs to gain insights into clonotype constitution.

Full-length Immune Profiling

For a deep dive into immune profiling such as isotype and repertoire information. Capturing of poly-adenylated mRNA with barcoding beads. Using our proprietary circularization process, we can enrich the V, D, J, and C regions of the TCR/BCR for full-length sequencing using short read sequencing.

What is included?

Proudly advancing research with innovative single-cell solutions, Singleron maximizes sample value through high-quality data generation and advanced bioinformatics interpretation. Trusted globally by research and pharma customers, our single-cell analysis service fuels high-impact publications and accelerates scientific discoveries.

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Solid tissue will be dissociated in our service lab into a single cell solution.

TCR/BCR libraries | full-length libraries and whole transcriptome libraries are generated according to your research needs.

You will receive a detailed report for every sample including:

  • QC criteria and info
  • Raw data as gene expression matrix
  • Publication-ready graphs of your data

If you wish in depth and personal bioinformatics support, we recommend the advanced data analysis package.

Your personal project manager will accompany you all the way through your single cell journey with us, keeping you update on

  • Sample shipment
  • Project status
  • QC reports after every step
  • Raw data & publication-ready data delivery

The Workflow at a Glance

Tissue Dissociation

Single Cell Suspension

Capture: 10 000 cells on SD chip | 30 000 cells on HD chip

(Full-length) TCR/BCR Library | Whole Transcriptome Library Generation


Bioinformatics Analysis


100-200 mg

tissue amount (30 mg is the recommended minimum)


Human (VDJ), Human and Mouse (Full-length)

3000 – 35 000 cells

Captured cells/nuclei

2000 – 10 000 reads/cell

sequencing depth for enriched library | 20 000-50 000 reads/cell for whole transcriptome


2-3 CeleScope reports per sample, 2-6 fastq files per sample, gene count matrix + clonotype/receptor information tables

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