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RNA Library Construction

The AccuraCode® Kit combines accurate cell barcoding technology with bulk RNA-seq to generate RNAseq library of hundreds of samples in one tube.

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TCR Profiling

The AccuraCode® TCR Kit enables efficient, accurate, and scalable exploration of T-cell repertoires of multiple samples to explore clonotypes, gene usage, V(D)J recombination patterns, and diversity.

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Single Cell Genome and Transcriptome

The AccuraSCOPE® Kit enables single cell sequencing of both DNA and RNA from 96 individual cells in parallel.

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Customer Stories

“We performed single cell RNAseq on brain organoid using Singleron’s service, and were able to discover the cell types of interests. I did not imagine that conducting single cell experiments could be made so easy, simply ship my fresh tissue in their buffer, then get fully analyzed results. Thanks to Singleron team for the continuous support.”

Dr. Kristina Xiao Liang Department of Clinical Medicine University of Bergen, Norway

“We worked with Singleron on several scRNAseq projects and were pleasantly surprised to see how well the technology worked on clinical biopsy samples. This type of analysis on tiny biopsies had been very difficult if not impossible to do in the past, due to the loss of cells and cell viability during transport. Singleron was very helpful in discussing and optimizing all steps from sample preparation via extraction to analysis We highly recommend Singleron as a versatile and also cost-effective solution for your scRNAseq projects.”

Prof. Dr. Hauke Busch Institute of Experimental Dermatology University of Lübeck

We never thought we could just send out mouse hearts and get valuable data on neutrophils back.

Dr. Bartolo Ferraro Institute of Cardiovascular Physiology and Pathophysiology, Biomedical Center (BMC) LMU München

Looking for solutions to analyze your data?

Looking for solutions to analyze your data?

SynEcoSys® Database is the first comprehensive single cell knowledgebase that combines curated data from tens of millions of single cells with information on clinical translations and drug discovery.

New data is constantly being extracted from the literature and public databases. The new datasets are analyzed through a common pipeline allowing for comparability between all the datasets in SynEcoSys.

Ready for Your All-In-One Single Cell Sequencing Solution?

Ready for Your All-In-One Single Cell Sequencing Solution?

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