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Matrix NEO™: Walk-away automation of the SCOPE-chip® Processing

Unlock the potential of your single-cell research. This cutting-edge system seamlessly integrates automated chip priming, cell partitioning, lysis, and mRNA capture into your workflow with one click.

System Highlights

Fully automated handling of up to four SCOPE-chips®
Integrated self-check function
Easy workflow and intuitive operation
Reliable and consistent results

Automate your workflow

Process up to four SCOPE-chips® in parallel, delivering stable and reproducible results fast. Compatible with most of our single cell workflows.


Single Cell Suspension

Automated Chip Priming, Single Cell Partitioning, Lysis & Barcoded RNA Capture

Library Generation


Bioinformatics Analysis

Performance Data

Four replicates of mouse bone marrow were processed on four separate SCOPE-chips® in a single Matrix NEO™ run.

Matrix NEOTM automates the most time-sensitive steps of your single-cell workflow for consistent, reproducible results.

Technical Specifications

Our SCOPE-chip® Technology

Processes up to four SCOPE-chips® in parallel

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CE and ISO9001 certificates available upon request.

Product Compatibility

Single Cell RNA

Whole transcriptome profiling of cell samples

Single Nucleus

Whole transcriptome profiling of nuclei samples

Single Cell Immune Profiling

TCR/BCR characterization and whole transcriptome profiling

Single Cell Dynamics

Whole transcriptome profiling and mRNA dynamics at single cell level

Single Cell Multi-Omics

Transcriptome and targeted variant detection (fusion gene, SNV, viral gene)

Single Cell Full-Length Immune Profiling

Whole transcriptome profiling and full-length TCR/BCR characterization


Whole transcriptome profiling biological yeast samples at single cell level



You can process one to four samples simultaneously. For the unused channels, we provide proxy chips.

No, reusing the chips is not an option. Please, always use new chips for your single cells experiments to avoid cross-contamination and ensure best quality of processing and results.

The Matrix NEO™ takes single-cell suspension as input and produces bead-bound mRNA as output. Proceed immediately to the reverse transcription steps.

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