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GEXSCOPE® V(D)J – Discover the Diversity of Immune Receptors

The GEXSCOPE® Single Cell V(D)J Kit enables detection of T-cell or B-cell receptor gene expression, together with whole transcriptome expression at single-cell level.

Kit Highlights

Utilize the gentle and robust microfluidics system of the patented SCOPE chip technology for robust high throughput processing of even sensitive and rare cell types.

High RNA capturing efficiency allows you to obtain 6k-8K median UMIs per cell
Strong V(D)J specificity for detecting diverse BCR/TCR.
Maximized immune receptor mapping rate
Improved median genes/cell count

Tailored probes on the beads capture all T-cell/B-cell receptor constant regions to construct the V(D)J library. Simultaneously, poly-T tails on the same beads capture all mRNA from the same cell to build a whole transcriptome library.

Streamlined workflow: from sample to library within one workday


Single Cell Suspension

Cell Partitioning, Lysis & Barcoding

Library Generation


Bioinformatics Analysis

Demo Data

GEXSCOPE Single Cell V(D)J Kit has significant advantages compared to other methods due to the barcoded beads specifically designed to capture the V(D)J regions of the transcripts. This results in high number of reads mapped to the V(D)J gene, high immunoreceptor pairing rate, and high number of V(D)J transcript-specific UMIs detected per cell, rendering both high specificity and sensitivity.

Applications Areas

Technical Specifications

10 000 cells

with the SD configuration


Full instruments-independent workflow


PythoN: tissue dissociation
NEO: single nuclei processing


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