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Dynamically Interact with your Data for Easy Visualization and Interpretation

CeleVizTM is a free desktop browser with a user-friendly interface to effortlessly visualize and explore single cell data.​


CeleViz offers a user-friendly interface that makes data visualization and exploratory analysis a breeze, even for those without prior knowledge of scRNA-seq data analysis.


Explore our built-in analysis modules from differential gene expression to pathway enrichment.


No coding required; effortlessly generate visualizations. 


Easily compare multiple sample groups and sub-groups. 


Download results and graphics in various customizable formats


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CeleViz is an off-line visualization tool. It is used to visualize and explore data that is already annotated. If you require the full bioinformatics analysis capability, SynEcoSys will be a more suitable choice. SynEcoSys also comes with access to a curated single cell database of tens of millions of cells. SynEcoSys analysis results can be used as an input for CeleViz. 

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 The input for CeleViz is an H5AD file. This file format can be generated from either CeleSCOPE or SynEcoSys 

CeleViz is available to all our customers free-of-charge. Contact us to get your personalized access.

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Have a question?

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