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Ready for your One-Stop-Shop single cell sequencing solution? We are proud to maximize the value of your precious samples by generating highest quality data and advanced bioinformatics solutions. Our end-to-end services include project consultation, tissue dissociation, nuclei isolation, multi-omics analysis, sequencing, and data analysis for researchers and pharma partners.

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How does single cell analysis service work?

Determine your ideal setup! Choose our complete service package from sample to publication-ready single cell data. – Or a hybrid mix-and-match option, tailored to your research needs.

Your personal project manager supports coordination of shipment of fresh or frozen samples whilst keeping you informed on project status and results.

After your samples arrive at one of our service laboratories (Cologne, Germany | Singapore | Michigan, US | Nanjing & Shizou, China), we perform tissue dissociation and optional nuclei isolation.
In accordance with your specific research question, nucleic acids are isolated and barcoded for multi-omics library generation at single cell resolution. After passing QC criteria, libraries are sequenced.

Includes a detailed report for every sample:

  • QC criteria
  • Raw data as gene expression matrix
  • Publication-ready graphs of your data

Choose the advanced data analysis package for in depth and customized bioinformatics support.

Single Cell Analysis Services

Single Cell Analysis

Analyze the transcriptome of fresh samples at single cell resolution

Single Nucleus Analysis

Particularly suited for frozen samples or complex and large cells.

Immune profiling

Easy and efficient immune receptor profiling through sequencing of the V(D)J region.

Targeted Variant Detection

Interested in specific sequences? Anything is possible with this customizable service. Detect mutations, fusion genes, and viral sequences.

Glycosylation Discovery

Simultaneous detection and quantification of cell surface glycosylation and the entire transcriptome at a single-cell resolution.

CRO | Biopharma

We partner with biopharma companies to run and analyze large experiments including clinical trials.

Bioinformatics Services

Advanced bioinformatics support for customized and in depths data analysis.

eQTL Services

Receive high impact data through computational discovery of connections between genetic variations and specific traits.

Our Service Labs

Customer Stories

The ability to preserve cells for up to three days allows sample collection away from the processing laboratory. It also provides the opportunity to justify the use of single cell analysis for diagnosis. Thus, with these three extra days, we can at least perform a histologic analysis that can help us to select the samples for single-cell RNA sequencing. We have received an extremely high and a very unusually intensive level of support from Singleron in transferring single cell technologies to our sample specifications.

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Margarete Odenthal Laboratory of Translational Pathology University of Cologne

We never thought we could just send out mouse hearts and get valuable data on neutrophils back.

Dr. Bartolo Ferraro Institute of Cardiovascular Physiology and Pathophysiology, Biomedical Center (BMC) LMU Munich

We performed single cell RNAseq on brain organoid using Singleron’s service, and were able to discover the cell types of interests. I did not imagine that conducting single cell experiments could be made so easy, simply ship my fresh tissue in their buffer, then get fully analyzed results. Thanks to Singleron team for the continuous support.

Kristina Xiao Liang, DDS, PhD Department of Clinical Medicine University of Bergen, Norway

Singleron has propelled our research with a state-of-the-art pipeline for single-cell transcriptomic analysis providing robust results and fast turn-around-time.

Dr. med. Christopher Jannik-Nelke Department for Neurology University Hospital Düsseldorf

“We have used the single cell and single nuclei sequencing from Singleron in several projects, all focused on human brain organoids. Working with Singleron was a great experience. I am very pleased with the quality and speed of their analysis.”

Prof. Dr. Jens Schwamborn Department of Developmental and Cellular Biology University of Luxembourg (LCSB)
Prof. Dr. Jens Schwamborn

We worked with Singleron on several  scRNAseq projects and were pleasantly surprised to see  how well the technology worked on clinical biopsy samples. This type of analysis on tiny biopsies had been very difficult if not impossible to do in the past, due to the loss of cells and cell viability during transport. Singleron was very helpful in discussing and optimizing all steps from sample preparation via extraction to analysis. We highly recommend Singleron as a versatile and also cost-effective solution for your  scRNAseq projects.

Prof. Dr. Hauke Busch Professor of Systems Medicine University of Lübeck

Singleron excelled in our benchmarking experiments delivering outstanding results, and providing the perfect framework for our project.

Dr. Mariona Nadal Postdoctoral Fellow Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Barcelona, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Working with Singleron was a great experience. With their combination of single cell RNAseq and custom bioinformatics, they greatly sped up the project timeline. Our latest project just got accepted in Nature Cancer and I am looking forward to upcoming projects!

Dr. Maximilian Merz Head of Early Clinical Trials Unit University Clinic of Leipzig

Quick and supportive technical assistance as well as management of services. I was extremely satisfied with the performance and Project Managers’ support.

Deung-Dae Park, PhD Postdoctoral Researcher Molecular Cardiology, Internal Medicine II, Universitätklinikum Ulm


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