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AccuraCode® – The Shortcut to High-Throughput Transcriptomic Analysis

The AccuraCode® RNA Library Construction Kit combines accurate cell barcoding technology with bulk RNA-seq to generate RNAseq library of hundreds of samples in one tube, greatly accelerating the speed, efficiency, and reproducibility of transcriptome-based screening.

Kit Highlights

Multiplexed RNAseq library prep using barcoding technology
No RNA extraction required: From cells to RNAseq libraries in 6 hours
Reverse transcription and cDNA amplification in one step
Highly consistent and reproducible results

Demo Data

Consistent Results Across Several Replicates

Eight samples were processed in parallel and sequenced at 1M reads per sample to examine reproducibility of data output. Total genes (A) and UMI (B) were consistent among the eight replicates. Correlation of the overall gene expression patterns (C) between those eight replicates revealed high reproducibility among replicates.

Less steps – same efficieny

The number of genes detected by the AccuraCode® One-Step Method and a traditional two-step method was comparable across three cell lines studied. Using AccuraCode® Kit, the experimental time is considerably shorter while the results are consistent.

Thousands of compounds or perturbation conditions can be evaluated and comprehensive chemogenomics databases can be built at a fraction of the time and cost.

Streamlined and condensed plate-based workflow: from sample to library within one workday

Single Cell Suspension

Cell Lysis & One-step RT Amplification


Library Generation


Bioinformatics Analysis

Applications Areas

The high multiplexing and reproducibility of the AccuraCode protocol make it an effective tool for high-throughput drug screening.

Technical Specifications

200-10.000 cells/well
96/384 wells

Full instruments-independent workflow

6 hours

Total workflow time




AccuraCode is suitable for high-throughput drug screening of both suspension cells and adherent cells.

Yes, you can use purified RNA as the starting material for AccuraCode.

It can be used with frozen cells but the results are cell type dependent. Testing on CCRF cell lines showed similar results between frozen and fresh cells. PBMC results were significantly affected after cryopreservation.

Yes, it has been used with organoids by customers.


The Accuracode Lysis Mix from each well can only be used once to avoid possible cross-contamination.

To obtain cDNA with good quality, control the duration of cell lysis. Too long, and the RNA will degrade, and the cDNA consequently will have a high proportion of small fragments.

It depends on the experimental design and the genes of interest. Generally, we recommend 2 million sequencing reads for each sample well.

Each well contain its own barcode. It’s made out of 9nt well barcode + 12nt UMI.

We have successfully tested with 200 cells of starting material.

Paired end: 2 x 100

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