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AccuraCode® TCR – High-Throughput TCR Sequencing

The AccuraCode® TCR Library Construction Kit enables efficient, accurate, and scalable exploration of T-cell repertoires. Simultaneous TCR profiling of multiple samples to analyze clonotypes, gene usage, V(D)J recombination patterns, and diversity.

Kit Highlights

Multiplexed and targeted TCR library preparation
High-throughput and scalability for analyzing up to 96 samples simultaneously
Fast and robust workflow from cells to a final TCR library within 8 hours.

Demo Data

Consistency Across Replicates

Our 96 well-based method allows flexible distribution of sample number, while offering highly consistent results. (A) The detected individual clonotypes are sorted by their frequency of appearance. Different colors are used to illustrate the proportion of clonotype groups. Each bar represents a replicate sample. (B) Bioinformatic scores indicating diversity, evenness, and clonality are calculated for 4 samples (differentiated by colors). (C) Histogram showing the length distribution of the detected clonotypes (reads were converted into amino acids) across the same 4 samples.

Streamlined and condensed plate-based workflow: from sample to library within one workday

Single Cell Suspension

Cell Lysis & sample barcoding


TCR Library Generation


Bioinformatics Analysis

Applications Areas

Technical Specifications

5k to 30k cells/well
96 wells

Plate-based workflow

6 hours

Total workflow time


Full instruments-independent workflow


PythoN: tissue dissociation
NEO: single cell processing



The probes will capture all transcripts with poly-A tail. An enrichment of the CDR3 region by PCR will be performed afterwards. 

No. As the kit’s goal is to focus on TCR analysis, a parallel construction of transcriptomic library will not be supported.  

The recommended input for cells is 5k-30k per well. It is not recommended to go below that range. 

Currently, the kit supports only human tissue/PBMC samples. 

The current workflow enables the simultaneous preparation of up to 96 ready-to-sequence libraries from cell suspension within a timeframe of 10 hours. 

Part of the workflow involves the use of 96-well plate(s). Therefore, suitable magnet and thermomixer for the plate are required. The use of multichannel pipette is also highly suggested. 

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