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sCelLiVE® – Efficient 72h Preservation And Gentle Dissociation

Empowering Quality Cell Input for Quality Data Output. The sCelLiVE® Tissue Dissociation Kit provides solutions for preservation and dissociation of fresh, solid biological samples.

Kit Highlights

This all-in-one kit contains two ready-to-use solutions for gentle sample preservation for up to 72h and for efficient tissue dissociation.

Sample Preservation
Tissue Dissociation
72h sample preservation at 2-8°C
Fast <30min tissue dissociation time
Ready-to-use solution
Validated for 300+ different tissue types

sCelLiVE® Dissociation Master Mix enzymatically dissociates various samples. This unique solution has been validated on more than 350 sample types from both human and mice.

Technical Specifications

2-8°C for 72h

Stable storage and transportation

350+ types

One solution suitable for a wide rage of different tissue and sample types


Tissue dissociation time
Manual: 30min
Automation (PythoN): 15min



The kit covers tissue preservation solution and tissue dissociation master mix for 16 samples, each of about 100 mg.

The preservation buffer is optimized for fresh, solid tissue samples. It is not recommended for cell suspensions or organoids.

We have extensively tested our dissociation buffer with various organs of human and mouse origin. However, we have also used it with other species such as zebrafish (Danio rerio).

No. We find that the best solution for cell suspensions is cryopreservation for transportation or storage. Please be sure to check the best cryopreservation medium for your particular type of cells and also please be aware that we cannot guarantee the loss of some subtypes upon freezing.

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