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NEW! - sCelLiVE® Tissue to Living Single Cell Suspension Kit

sCelLiVE® Tissue to Living Single Cell Suspension Kit, comprising two separate reagents - sCelLiVE® Tissue Preservation Buffer and sCelLiVE® Tissue Dissociation Master Mix, is an all-in-one and ready-to-use solution from various fresh and solid tissue types to single cell suspension with a viability of typically >90%. sCelLiVE® kit ensures dissociation into single cell suspensions without the requirement of protocol optimization for the vast majority of tissue types and reagent preparation.

Downstream Application Areas

• Single cell sequencing
• Flow Cytometry
• Cell sorting
• Single cell culture
• Single cell proteomics

sCelLiVE® Solutions Highlights

• Versatility – can be easily applied to all fresh and solid tissues (e.g. surgically resected samples and needle biopsies)
• Easy and fast workflow – a simple and straightforward workflow up to 1 hour
• One-for-all solution – one product effective on a large variety of tissue types and species
• Secure high-quality results – including prevention of rare cell type loss


Streamlined workflow

sCelLiVE® Demo Dataset

sCelLiVETM Tissue Preservation Solution

sCelLiVE® Tissue Preservation Buffer efficiently simulates the physiological environment and ensures high cell viability over a 72-hour time period.

Figure: Viability of cells using sCelLiVE® Tissue Preservation Solution with brain tissues collected freshly or stored at 4ºC for 24 and 72 hours. Approximately 90% of the cells from the tissue stored in the Preservation Solution were still alive after 72 hours storage.

Figure: The single cell sequencing of fresh tissue or the same tissue stored for 24 or 72 hours in sCelLiVE® Tissue Preservation Solution was performed. The same cellular compositions were identified in all three samples by t-SNE plots analysis. The resulting gene expression pattern is not affected.


sCelLiVE® Tissue Dissociation Solution

sCelLiVE Dissociation Master Mix enzymatically dissociates various samples, even difficult tissue types such as brain and bone with no need to optimized on conditions. This unique Dissociation Master Mix is verified on more than 300 sample types from both human and mice including difficult sample types such as brain, bone and blood vessel.

Figure: Comparison of sCelLiVE® Tissue Dissociation Master Mix to other protocols on dissociation of glioblastoma samples: a homebrew protocol from literature and a commercial product from Supplier M. Cell suspension generated with sCelLiVE® Tissue Dissociation Master Mix had the highest cellular viability. The proprietary formulation does not affect cell viability.

Simple Automated Tissue Dissociation Process with High Cell Yield

sCelLiVE® Dissociation Master Mix ensures high cell yield. Total cell yield of diverse clinical samples evaluated using the PythoN®, an automated 8-channel tissue dissociation system. The results are shown in the number of cell yield/mg of the tissue.


Enabling analysis of Rare Cell Populations

Using sCelLiVE® Tissue to Living Single Cell Suspension Kit, the high viability of cells ensures a proper analysis of all cell types, even those prone to degradation such as neutrophils and also derived from a very low sample amount.

Figure: Ultra-high throughput single cell sequencing of a complete mouse embryo using High-Density chip GEXSCOPE® Single Cell RNA Library Kit is shown here. The analysis detected gene expression in 42,641 cells from the same sample and identified a rare cell population accounting for as little as 0.15% of total cells.

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