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sCelLiVE® Tissue to Living Single Cell Suspension Kit

sCelLiVE® Tissue to Living Single Cell Suspension Kit, comprising two separate reagents - sCelLiVE® Tissue Preservation Buffer and sCelLiVE® Tissue Dissociation Master Mix, is an all-in-one and ready-to-use solution from various fresh and solid tissue types to single cell suspension with a viability of typically >90%. sCelLiVE® kit ensures dissociation into single cell suspensions without the requirement of protocol optimization for the vast majority of tissue types and reagent preparation.

Downstream Application Areas

• Single cell sequencing
• Flow Cytometry
• Cell sorting
• Single cell culture
• Single cell proteomics

sCelLiVE® Solutions Highlights

• Versatility – can be easily applied to all fresh and solid tissues (e.g. surgically resected samples and needle biopsies)
• Easy and fast workflow – a simple and straightforward workflow up to 1 hour
• One-for-all solution – one product effective on a large variety of tissue types and species
• Secure high-quality results – including prevention of rare cell type loss


Streamlined workflow

sCelLiVE® Demo Dataset

sCelLiVETM Tissue Preservation Solution

sCelLiVE® Tissue Preservation Buffer efficiently simulates the physiological environment and ensures high cell viability over a 72-hour time period.

Figure: Viability of cells using sCelLiVE® Tissue Preservation Solution with brain tissues collected freshly or stored at 4ºC for 24 and 72 hours. Approximately 90% of the cells from the tissue stored in the Preservation Solution were still alive after 72 hours storage.


sCelLiVE® Tissue Dissociation Solution

sCelLiVE Dissociation Master Mix enzymatically dissociates various samples. This unique Dissociation Master Mix is verified on more than 300 sample types from both human and mice.

Figure: Comparison of sCelLiVE® Tissue Dissociation Master Mix to other protocols on dissociation of glioblastoma samples: a homebrew protocol from literature and a commercial product from Supplier M. Cell suspension generated with sCelLiVE® Tissue Dissociation Master Mix had the highest cellular viability. The proprietary formulation does not affect cell viability.

Simple Automated Tissue Dissociation Process with High Cell Yield

sCelLiVE® Dissociation Master Mix ensures high cell yield. Total cell yield of diverse clinical samples evaluated using the PythoN®, an automated 8-channel tissue dissociation system. The results are shown in the number of cell yield/mg of the tissue.


Enabling analysis of Rare Cell Populations

Using sCelLiVE® Tissue to Living Single Cell Suspension Kit, the high viability of cells ensures a proper analysis of all cell types, even those prone to degradation such as neutrophils and also derived from a very low sample amount.

Figure: Ultra-high throughput single cell sequencing of a complete mouse embryo using High-Density chip GEXSCOPE® Single Cell RNA Library Kit is shown here. The analysis detected gene expression in 42,641 cells from the same sample and identified a rare cell population accounting for as little as 0.15% of total cells.

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