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AccuraCode® RNA Library Construction Kit

The AccuraCode® is a high-throughput RNA library Kit, perfectly suited for drug screening or other large scale screening purposes. It can capture the mRNA and construct the RNA libraries from hundreds of drug-treated cell cultures in just a few hours. The AccuraCode® enables to create a pooled sequencing library of 96 or 384 cell cultures simultaneously.  

The drug screening and subsequent evaluation process can be considerably accelerated using the AccuraCode® Kit as the obtained information on drug response is multidimensional. AccuraCode® drug screening technology can not only identify the specific metabolic pathways affected by the drug but can also reveal the cellular transcriptional changes induced by the drug treatment. The obtained multidimensional information thus allows for comprehensive evaluation of the mechanism of action of a tested drug.  

The AccuraCode® Kit combines sample barcoding (using Well Barcodes) and one-step reverse transcription amplification reaction (OneStep RT-PCR) to efficiently obtain cDNA molecules from each individual cell culture on a well plate. The synthesized cDNA from multiple cell cultures is then pooled together and used to construct an NGS library. After sequencing, the transcripts are assigned to the corresponding wells based on the Well Barcode information and can be easily analyzed using the AccuraCode analysis pipeline.  

Advantages of the AccuraCode® Kit

Consistent results across several replicates

To access the consistency in the performance of the AccuraCode® Kit across multiple replicates, the A549 cancer cell line was treated with 20uM of a drug P. Gene expression had been examined in six cell cultures undergoing the same treatment. The number of UMIs and the number of genes detected per sample were comparable across the six replicates studied. The replicates have shown very high correlation of their gene expression (2000 genes with the highest gene expression were compared).

One-step RT-PCR accelerates the drug screening

The number of genes detected by the AccuraCode® One-Step Method and a traditional two-step method was comparable across three cell lines studied. Using AccuraCode® Kit, the experimental time is considerably shorter while the results are consistent.


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