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AccuraCode® TCR Library Construction Kit



The AccuraCode® TCR Library Construction Kit is a comprehensive solution for constructing targeted TCR libraries in parallel from 96 wells at the bulk level.




  • - Immunology Research: Investigate immune responses, T-cell clonality, and repertoire changes in infections, autoimmunity, and vaccination.
  • - Cancer Immunotherapy: Profile TILs, assess TCR diversity for personalized cancer immunotherapies like adoptive T-cell therapy.
  • - Biomarker Discovery: Identify disease-associated TCR signatures for potential biomarker development.
  • - Drug Development: Study immunomodulatory drug effects on T-cell populations to enhance drug discovery.





  • - Multiplexed and targeted TCR library preparation.
  • - High-throughput and scalability for analyzing up to 96 samples in a single tube.
  • - Fast and robust workflow from cells to a final TCR library within 8 hours.




The complete protocol of cell lysis, barcoding, two consecutive TCR enrichment steps, and multiplexed library construction of up to 96 samples can be finished within 8 hours.


The AccuraCode® TCR Library Construction Kit enables labeling of mRNA with a sample barcode (TS-Bn) to distinguish transcripts originating from individual wells on a 96-well plate. Following cell lysis, reverse transcription (RT), and PCR amplification of the transcriptome, the cDNA from all wells is pooled for TCR enrichment. After NGS sequencing, the TCR information from the samples can be separated using the barcode information.


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