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GEXSCOPE®Single Cell RNA Library Kits

GEXSCOPE®Single Cell RNA Library Kits have all key components required to go from any sample to ready-to-use sequencing library: SCOPE-chip® for single cell partition, AccuraCell® beads for barcoding and capturing mRNA and enzyme master mixes for transcriptome amplification and library construction. For tissue samples, the GEXSCOPE® Tissue Kits also contain sCelLiVE® Tissue Preservation Buffer and Tissue Dissociation Mastermix, circumventing the need to process tissue samples immediately after resection.

Streamlined workflow: from sample to library within one workday
GEXSCOPE® Kit offers:

1.Complete solution from sample to library within one workday

2.Flexible SCOPE-chip® configuration for 500 - 30,000 cells per sample

3.Unique sCelLiVE® tissue processing reagents to maximize cell viability

GEXSCOPE® Demo Dataset
GEXSCOPE® Kits enable a streamlined workflow for single-cell RNA sequencing library preparation from either tissue samples or cells within a workday. The protocol can be performed either manually or automated on the Singleron Matrix® instrument. The microfluidic SCOPE-chip contains microwells that can easily partition single cells into individual wells. Two different configurations, standard and high density (HD) SCOPE-chips, can be used to obtain sequencing results of up to 10,000 or 30,000 single cells per sample. The ultra-high throughput HD format enables the detection and analyzation of rare cell populations in a sample.
  • Sample Type: mouse kidney
    Tissue Dissociation: GEXSCOPE® sCelLiVE tissue dissociation solution
    Cell Viability: 85%
    Input Cell Number: 14000
    Number of Captured Cells: 4674
  • Estimated Number of Cells: 4,674
    Median UMI per Cell: 10,132
    Total Genes: 26,817
    Median Genes per Cell: 2465
    Mean Reads per Cell: 65,775
    At the sequencing depth of 60K reads/cell, median genes per cell are 2465.
Application Areas
Tumor Heterogeneity 

Profiling heterogenous tumor tissues and microenvironment

Developmental Biology

Understand developmental processes

Atlas Study

Identify new or rare cell types

Drug Development

Identify biomarkers and therapeutic targets


Understand neural functions








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