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GEXSCOPE® Single Cell V(D)J Kit

GEXSCOPE® Single Cell V(D)J Kit enables simultaneous detection of T-cell or B-cell receptor gene expression, together with whole transcriptome expression at single-cell level.

Targeted probe and specific enrichment

GEXSCOPE® Single Cell V(D)J Kit utilizes specially designed probes on beads to capture all T-cell/B-cell receptor constant regions, to construct the V(D)J library. At the same time, poly-T on beads is utilised to capture all mRNA in the same cell, to construct the whole transcriptome library.

High RNA capturing efficiency and V(D)J specificity

Based on the high RNA binding specificity introduced by targeted probes, GEXSCOPE® Single Cell V(D)J Kit can achieve high capturing efficiency during RNA molecule enrichment. GEXSCOPE® V(D)J library generates high BCR/TCR diversity, high V(D)J mapping rates, and high medium UMI/gene per cell.

Figure: PBMC samples were analyzed using GEXSCOPE® Single Cell V(D)J Kits, TCR α and β chain mapping rate are as high as 82.57%; 99% of reads can be mapped to V(D)J region.

GEXSCOPE® Single Cell V(D)J Kit can be used to analyze the composition, abundance and alterations of TCR/BCR molecules within a tissue at single-cell level. This can be applied for exploring tumor microenvironment, immune diseases, viral infection and infectious disease.





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