Ready for your all-in-one single cell sequencing solution?

Single Cell Sequencing Products Covering All Your Needs

Our product portfolio includes multi-omics single cell sequencing solutions, plate-based high throughput sequencing, instruments and devices to automate and support your single cell workflow and user-friendly bioinformatics software to analyze your data.

Our Portfolio

Single Cell Sequencing Solutions

Including Tissue Preservation and Dissociation Solutions | Single Cell | Single Nuclei | Immune Profiling | Multi-Omics

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Plate-Based Kits

Maximize your throughput with Transcriptomics | Immune Profiling | Multi-Omics

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Instruments & Devices

Automate Tissue Dissociation and Single Cell Processing

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360° Support: Dedicated and Tailored to Your Needs


Book a free consultation on your single cell sequencing project.

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Technical Support

Fast and professional technical support from our team of experts.

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Bioinformatics Support

Tools for automated single cell sequencing data analysis, annotation, visualization and a curated database.

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Highlights of Singleron's Product Portfolio

One-stop-shop solutions from sample to publication-ready data
Instrument-free or automated solutions
Up to 30,000 cells on same chip
High performance for reduced cost/sample

Prefer Service Over Getting The Kit?

Prefer Service Over Getting The Kit?

Consider our service! Besides products, we offer single cell analysis services that include project consultation, tissue dissociation and/or nuclei isolation, multi-omics analysis, sequencing, to data analysis for researchers and pharma partners.

Simply ship your fresh or frozen samples and receive publication-ready data.


Ready for Your All-In-One Single Cell Sequencing Solution?

Ready for Your All-In-One Single Cell Sequencing Solution?

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