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Single Cell Congress Asia
Single Cell Congress Asia

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Explore unique single cell solutions! From tissue dissociation, mutation detection, to RNA dynamics, give your research an unique edge!

There is more you can do with single cell analysis

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Detect single nucleotide changes or viral sequences in single cells, in addition to the full transcriptome


Discover transcriptome dynamics in vitro or in vivo at single cell level


Analyze glycosylation and transcriptomics from the same single cell


Preserve fresh tissue at 4 degrees for up to 72 hours

Request a copy of our FocuSCOPE poster!

FocuSCOPE Blood Cancer Poster

Request a copy of our FocuSCOPE poster!

Did you know you can detect single nucleotide variants and the full transcriptome from single cells? Read our poster to learn about:

  • Understanding disease progression and treatment response by matching cell-specific variants with gene expression profiles in blood cancers
  • Sensitive and specific detection of druggable TP53, KRAS mutations, and BCR-ABL1 and PML-RARA gene fusions from single cells
  • Applications in solid tumours and EBV viral sequences detection

Interested to learn more?


Interested to learn more?

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