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Coming soon: SynEcoSys® Single Cell Database

SynEcoSys® Database is the first comprehensive single cell knowledgebase that combines curated data from tens of millions of single cells with information on clinical translations and drug discovery. The data is being constantly extracted from literature and public databases, results from each project and can be compared to and analyzed together with publicly available datasets or mined for potentially biomarkers or novel drug targets. With built-in curated and standardized single-cell data sets, CeleViz data visualization portal, and CeleLens (Lite) automatic analysis modules, SynEcoSys® is a one-stop single-cell big data mining platform with intuitive user interface to make single cell data accessible for life sciences researchers.

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SynEcoSys®: Comprehensive Data Mining Platform
Focus on clinical translations
Complete data filtering and standardized naming process
Datasets covers major organs
Statistical gene expression and cell distribution
SynEcoSys®: Core Dataset
SynEcoSys®: a high-level cell type reference database
CeleLens (Lite) for automated data analysis and annotation
SynEcoSys® Core Dataset
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