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SynEcoSys® Single Cell Database


SynEcoSys® Database is the first comprehensive single cell knowledgebase that combines curated data from tens of millions of single cells with information on clinical translations and drug discovery. New data is constantly being extracted from the literature and public databases. The new datasets are analyzed through a common pipeline allowing for comparability between all the datasets in SynEcoSys. The data can then be mined for biomarkers and novel drug targets. With built-in curated and standardized single-cell data sets, CeleViz™ data visualization portal, and CeleLens™ automatic analysis modules, SynEcoSys® is a one-stop single-cell big data mining platform with intuitive user interface to make single cell data accessible for life sciences researchers.



Core datasets – pre-integrated disease samples across multiple datasets​



A superior cell type knowledge-base compared to current public databases​

SynEcoSys® database has standardized ontology allowing for direct comparison between the different datasets.​

An in-house transcriptomic markers reference was built by professionals with years of experience. This cell marker reference allows for high confidence cell annotation matching the populations found in the publications or finding more cellular subtypes.




SynEcoSys offers more precise annotations​

SynEcoSys addresses the main issues in mining public single-cell data

The biggest caveat of publicly available, clinically relevant single-cell data is the lack of comparability due to the diversity in data analysis and cell type subpopulation annotation, as well as the bioinformatic expertise needed to analyze and interpret raw data. ​

SynEcoSys® database integrates standardized, manually curated, high impact, publicly available single cell sequencing data with automated data analysis and visualization modules, CeleLens™ and Celeviz™ , respectively. This allows for deep mining of clinically relevant single-cell data to generate potential biomarkers and novel drug targets, with high consistency.


Perform automated data analysis and compare to public datasets

With CeleLens™ data analysis module, you can import your own dataset in the form of a gene expression matrix for automated data analysis and annotation with adjustable parameters.

CeleLens™ allows for visualization and comparisons of your own data to other datasets in order to verify your previous findings or discover new insights such as novel cell types, biomarkers, or drug targets.

CeleViz™ – Explore clinical information in scRNAseq data

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