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Singleron Matrix NEO™



The Singleron Matrix NEO Automated Single Cell Processing System can be used as an integrated part for the preparation of single cell sequencing libraries. It allows automation of chip priming, cell separation, cell lysis and mRNA capture, all by pushing one single button. The Singleron Matrix NEO greatly simplifies the operation process for single cell sequencing library construction and reduces manual steps to improve the stability and reproducibility of results. This fully automated process is suitable for multi-omics research, including whole transcriptome profiling, immune repertoire profiling, generation of targeted libraries and time-resolved transcriptomics.







Singleron Matrix NEO can be easily integrated in the single cell workflow, chip pretreatment, cell partitioning, cell lysis and mRNA capture in 38 min.













4 replicates of bone marrow samples processed in the same run demonstrate high reproducibility of the Singleron Matrix NEO.




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