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Singleron PythoN Junior™





The Singleron PythoN Junior™ Automated Tissue Dissociation System is a compact and flexible instrument specifically designed to streamline the dissociation process from solid tissue to high-quality single cell suspension. Equipped with broad-spectrum sCelLiVE Tissue Dissociation Mix and disposable Singleron PythoN Dissociation Units, the automated system combines mechanical treatment and enzymatic digestion for a fast and efficient dissociation of fresh tissue samples.







Key specifications







Demo data


Singleron PythoN Junior™ dissociates tissues with high reproducibility.




Murine lung tissues were processed in four replicate experiments using Singleron PythoN Junior™. Single cell suspensions with >85% cell activity were obtained. Cell yield and viability were consistent across the four replicates, showing the high stability and reproducibility of the Singleron PythoN Junior™ Automated Tissue Dissociation System.


Singleron PythoN Junior™
is suitable for low-input samples.



In clinical settings, in order to detect the pathological characteristics of specific tissues, needle biopsy is often required. The low weight of the obtained needle biopsies is often a challenge for single-cell sequencing workflow. Here, we used Singleron PythoN Junior™ to process 10 mg and 60 mg mouse spleen tissues, and achieved high cell viability and yield for both samples.







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