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AccuraSCOPE® Single Cell Transcriptome and Genome Library Kit

AccuraSCOPE® Single Cell Transcriptome and Genome Library Kit is a versatile scWGS-RNA-seq method that amplifies both the DNA and RNA from 96 individual cells in parallel. It can be used to simultaneously profile the whole genome and transcriptome of single cells. The method allows for deep single-cell genome sequencing, enabling the detection of SNVs, CNVs and chromosomal aberrations. The integrated analysis of a cell’s transcriptome and genome enables a more comprehensive understanding of the extent, function and evolution of cellular heterogeneity in normal and diseased states.



Hundreds of single cell libraries for genome and transcriptome constructed in one run

Easy of use

Convenient plate-format for manual or automated processing


High quality single cell DNAseq and RNAseq libraries at a fraction of normal cost

Bioinformatics analysis

Dedicated software for convenient data analysis






Bioinformatics pipelines

Data analysis for the new AccuraSCOPE products is fully supported by Singleron’s two bioinformatic analysis pipelines. The RNA sequencing data analysis pipeline covers the analysis workflow from FASTQ files to the count matrix, while the DNA data analysis pipeline starts with FASTQ files and includes variance calling and variant annotation. 

RNA analysis pipeline

DNA analysis pipeline


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