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SCOPE® Single Cell Library Kits

The proprietary SCOPE® technologies enable researchers with deep insights into the mechanism of diseases. Our solutions range from single-cell expression profiling, immune receptor profiling, to advanced multi-omics solutions, making it easy to address complex questions in clinical studies.

GEXSCOPE, FocuSCOPE and DynaSCOPE Single Cell Kits have the potential to address clinical questions and overcome potential obstacles in clinical settings. The experience Singleron derived from more than 2000 medical projects and over 80 million analyzed single cells, powered us to constantly develop innovative and advanced solutions and applications.

Complete Workflow From Tissue To Analysis

The SCOPE® single cell library kits contain all key components required to go from any sample to ready-to-use sequencing libraries: SCOPE-chip for single cell partition, AccuraCell beads for barcoding and capturing mRNA, and enzymatic mastermix for transcriptome amplification and library construction. For tissue samples, the kits also contain sCelLiVE Tissue Preservation Buffer and Tissue Dissociation Master Mix, circumventing the need to process tissue samples immediately after resection.

SCOPE® microwell chip for single cell partition
AccuraCell beads for barcoding and capturing mRNA
SCOPE®kits Advantages
  • Efficient single cell partition
  • Streamlined workflow within one working day
  • Up to 30,000 cells on same chip
  • All-in-one kit
What our customers say:
When we started with our single-cell RNAseq study on osteosarcoma, we encountered challenges immediately after acquiring the tumor samples: it was nearly impossible to dissociate them to highly viable single cell suspensions, despite many attempts with in-house and commercial kit solutions. Following suggestions from a colleague, we used Singleron sCelLiVE Tissue Dissociation Solution which could beautifully dissociate osteosarcoma samples with a straightforward protocol. This made it possible for us to move forward successfully with our project which resulted in an osteosarcoma single-cell atlas showing cellular heterogeneity and potential therapeutic targets, as well as a publication in Nature Communications。

Prof. Dr. Haiyan Hu​

Chief Physician, Oncology Department

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Sixth People's Hospital Shanghai, China

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