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We are out there: Singleron publication highlights 2022


Lin, Y., Cao, Z., Lyu, T., Kong, T., Zhang, Q., Wu, K., Wang, Y., & Zheng, J. (2022). Single-cell RNA-seq of UVB-radiated skin reveals landscape of photoaging-related inflammation and protection by vitamin D. Gene, 831, 146563.

Zhao, X.-L., Sun, S., Yu, W., Zhu, W., Zhao, Z., Zhou, Y., Ding, X., Fang, N., Yang, R., & Li, J. P. (2022). Improved ClickTags enable live-cell barcoding for highly multiplexed single cell sequencing. RSC Chemical Biology, 3(8), 1052–1060.

Zheng, H., Chen, Y., Li, J., Li, H., Zhao, X., Li, J., Yang, F., Li, Y., Liu, C., Qin, L., Zuo, Y., Zhang, Q., He, Z., Shi, H., Li, Q., & Liu, L. (2022). Longitudinal analyses reveal distinct immune response landscapes in lung and intestinal tissues from SARS-CoV-2-infected rhesus macaques. Cell Reports, 39(8), 110864.