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Exploring Chemoresistance-Related Pathways in Neuroblastoma through Single-Cell Transcriptomics

Singleron Biotechnologies and Illumina are dedicated to providing cutting-edge technologies to empower and support researchers in addressing today’s major research questions.

Single cell sequencing is an increasingly popular approach for profiling gene expression of individual cells. It can be performed in a high throughput manner where the transcriptome of tens of thousands of cells can be analyzed in a single experiment. With this method, insights into cell-specific gene expression in thousands of cells can be obtained simultaneously.

In this joint webinar you will hear from Dr. Mario Capasso (CEINGE, University of Naples Federico II) on using single cell transcriptomics to unravel pathways related to chemoresistance in neuroblastoma. You will also learn about Singleron’s innovative single cell multi-omics solutions and Illumina’s latest sequencing technologies.