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Single-cell Multi-omics for Immuno-oncology – Prof. Fan Rong

Prof. Fan Rong, the Harold Hodgkinson Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Pathology at Yale University, has been driving single-cell innovation since 2006.

With expertise in single-cell secretomics, multi-omics, and spatial technologies, Prof. Fan has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share. 

In his talk, Prof. Fan will present single-cell multi-omic analysis from pediatric ALL CAR T trials, shedding light on CAR T cell longevity and its implications for immuno-oncology. 

 Don’t miss out on: 

  • Exploring the use of single-cell multi-omics in immuno-oncology
  • Learning about insights from a large single cell dataset from more than 80 patients in a CAR T ALL trial.
  • Discovering the role of type-2 immune functionality in CAR T therapy 

 This event is hosted by National Cancer Centre Singapore.

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