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CITE-seq and antibody validation: webinar with Singleron and Abcam
CITE-seq and antibody validation: webinar with Singleron and Abcam

Mastering CITE-seq: A comprehensive guide to analysis workflow and antibody validation strategies

Single cell proteogenomic analysis, using techniques like CITE-seq, adds surface protein information to single cell RNA sequencing data. This approach enables researchers to uncover correlations or discrepancies between protein expression and transcription, improve the accuracy of cell typing, and confirm the expression of important proteins crucial to disease research.

This webinar will provide practical information covering different aspects of CITE-seq, from analysis workflow to antibody validation.

In this webinar you will learn about:
• How single cell proteognomic analysis works
• The value of supplementing single cell RNAseq with protein data
• Application case studies
• Key considerations in experimental design
• Tips for wet lab and data analysis
• Choosing the right antibody format for reproducible result
• New standards in antibody validation that ensure true research progression
• Learn about Abcam’s innovation and partnership that brings research to a new level

Watch our webinar on single cell proteogenomic analysis and antibody validation on demand.

This event was co-organized with Abcam.

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