Ready for your all-in-one single cell sequencing solution?

SynEcoSys – A user-friendly platform for single cell data analysis, data mining, and visualization

Single cell analysis can be tedious and requires experienced bioinformaticians. However this may no longer be the case! Here we introduce SynEcosys, a single cell analytics platform that allows you to explore your single cell data with ease! Furthermore, SynEcoSys brings together large number of curated datasets that is convenient for enhancing your single cell data analysis!

This webinar will show you how SynEcoSys can help in your single cell research in several ways to:
• Easily perform comprehensive single cell data analysis without coding. The analysis is highly customizable and allows users to select different batch correction methods or specify genes for cell type annotation, for example.
• Search and select public data sets to complement your research. SynEcoSys contains over 600 publications, 10900+ samples, 560+ cell types, 8200+ marker genes, and 130+ tissue types, and is constantly updated to include the latest publications. All data are harmonized to ensure compatibility.
• Perform data mining and reanalyze published data. The SynEcoSys database is easily searchable by disease areas or tissue type for bench marking, reanalysis, or validation of novel discoveries.
• Present your result with professional visualizations that meet major scientific journal requirements using the built-in data visualization module