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Shaping The Future of Medicine
Time:2022-11-07 21:54:07  


Join our interesting talk by Dr. Andreas Schmidt, our SVP of Global Business Development entitled “Single Cell Analysis at the Frontier of Precision Medicine” at the Shaping The Future of Medicine conference on 11.11.2022 in Leipzig, Germany.
The future of medicine depends on new tools incorporating biomedical insights down to the understanding of diseases on the level of single cells. This will require a collaborative work style of multiple stakeholders including driven clinician scientists, established pharma companies and new and innovative startup companies working seamlessly together. In this presentation, we will share the vision of Singleron providing solutions in alliance with our partners for the entire workflow from patient samples to clinical trials and therapeutic decisions. 

Visit our stand and address your questions regarding single cell sequencing to our colleagues Dr. Andreas Schmidt (SVP of Global Business Development), Dr. Nan Fang (CEO and Co-founder), Ritika Kulshreshtha (Single Cell Specialist) and Dr. Anugrah Gawai (Business Development Manager).

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